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Trade show events are an exciting time for companies. Using quality signage can help an entity shine within an industry and appropriately display its wares and services. It is critical to have eye-catching, attractive signage like banners, scrolling displays, flags, and more. However, you may be wondering which trade show signage ideas are best for your booth? We will cover some trending and practical trade show sign ideas that are memorable and desirable.

Points To Consider For Signage Ideas

Clean, attractive signage that gets the desired attention is an expectation for a trade show display. No matter the size, color, or orientation of a banner, flag, or sign, there are some key points to consider when making signage designs.

  • Utilize white space to emphasize logos, images, and essential text
  • Embrace intense colors for backgrounds, fonts, or images to grab attention
  • Avoid using all caps for everything to increase readability 
  • Stay away from cluttered designs that are overwhelming and busy
  • When in doubt, a clean and simple design or limited color palette is most effective
  • Make sure any colors used are consistent and represent your brand in the best light

1. Vertical Signage

Change up expectations for your booth’s banner or hanging sign and opt for a vertical orientation. You can draw in customers and help direct eye movement for your products and services with vertical signage flanking the booth or entrance. Consider the possibilities of using freestanding signs with a trade show banner stand, hanging vinyl signs, or using towering flags.

2. Double-Sided Trade Show Banners

Don’t neglect to capture attention from passersby and display pertinent information on both sides of a banner or sign. Hanging double-sided signs presents the opportunity to show off contrasting information that complements one another. Focus on showcasing strong imagery with social media contacts underneath on one side and contact information or current promotions and star products on the other side.

3. Yard Signs

Build up interest for your presence at an upcoming trade show and generate more foot traffic with a yard sign or two. Yard signs are lightweight outdoor event signage that is easily posted in areas where your demographic is located. Also, post yard signs within a few miles of the upcoming area where an event will be held to drive customer traffic, interest and get people curious about your brand.

4. Add Backlighting

Give any banners for events,  vinyl signs, or other forms of signage an upgrade with the addition of some backlighting. Take advantage of extending backlighting to areas of your booth, table, or backdrop curtain too. Lighting can reinforce your brand’s colors and identity and emphasize your trade show signage.

5. Go Large And Up

Reach more customers and garner attention with signs mounted high above crowds, use trade show banners or signs with larger text, bold images, and establish your brand’s presence with more prominent signage.

6. Flag In Customers

Move over banners, rustic wood signs, or shiny metal signs for events. Consider ordering flags to generate interest and create a different visual impact than hanging or freestanding banners. You can take advantage of creating flags that are double-sided, in a custom shape, or waving to bring in foot traffic.

7. Floor Graphics

One area that many companies fail to cover is right at your feet. Make an effort to have signage for the floor, whether you project a digital display or post signage with attention-grabbing text, images, or even social media contact information. 

You can use floor graphic signage to help guests navigate your booth, follow a game, or create a buzz. Don’t forget to share promotions on floor signage as guests walk in and walk out.

8. Selfie Opportunity

Consider using a retractable trade show banner to create a custom backdrop for guests to take a photoshoot or selfie. You might even want to hire a customed character or have a company mascot present to take pictures with interested customers. Another option beyond retractable banners is to create a frame style banner or sign for customers to pop their heads in and make fun gestures.

9. Multiple Contrasting Display

Create more interest by using slightly different styles and sizes of panels nestled next to one another. You could include wrap-around signage on a table, paired with signage in a trade show banner stand or sign behind it or next to it. Or, use backlit signage combined with an unlit sign. Avoid making signage dull. Use contrasting colors, sizes, and other intelligent ways to keep eyes on your booth, your brand’s information and make a memorable impression.


Trade shows and events are exciting and offer an opportunity to introduce your product or service to potential customers and establish your brand’s dominance in the industry. Successful signage is attractive, delivers the right message, and prominently displays critical imagery and text.

Campbell’s Signs is ready to help you create any standard or custom signs needed for upcoming trade shows and events of all kinds.