The Benefits of Having Interior Logo Signage for Your Business

Did you know that in-office signs can enhance the customer’s experience? Think of a popular business chain like Starbucks, Walmart, or Nike.

Have you ever been to one of their locations that didn’t feature an interior logo sign? Of course not!

Top brands have recognized the power of logo visibility. The first things customers notice about your storefront are your cleanliness, product line, and brand iconography.

Read our guide to learn all about the benefits of having interior logo signage for your business and professional brand.

Here’s Your Chance to Design a Logo

Creating a logo is a great way to add depth to your brand. Now is the perfect time to create a logo if you don’t already have one. Is your logo’s symbology still relevant to today’s consumers? 

If not, consider redesigning your logo into something more appealing to your target audience. 

Designing your brand’s logo doesn’t have to be complicated. Make it an enjoyable process by researching the elements of a successful logo. The following are key factors to consider when designing your company’s logo:

  • Color choice
  • Symbolism
  • Pop culture
  • Regional culture
  • Text and font

Color choice is an extremely important factor in the logo designing process. For example, red symbolizes strength, importance, and opportunity. 

Blue, however, symbolizes trust, consistency, and cleanliness. It’s important that you know what your company’s priorities are when selecting a logo color.

Logo symbolism can vary in form. A logo’s symbol can be text-based or image-based. Mascots, cartoons, and characters have worked well for some companies while a well-designed font has worked better for others. 

Whatever aesthetic choice you choose, make sure it can look good on both exterior and interior logo signage.

Get Consistent Brand Recognition

Do you already have a well-designed logo, color scheme, and exterior sign? That’s great! You’re off to a wonderful start in terms of brand recognizability. 

Brand recognition is a helpful growth tool for any company. Restaurant owners, law firms, and clothing stores all rely on brand recognition to get their business to the next level. 

Once clients recognize your brand, your reputation can be easily verified by prospective clients. Here are a few reasons how interior logo signage can help increase your brand recognition:

  • Build trust with your customers
  • Advertise with just your logo
  • Increase word of mouth leads
  • Showcase a professional aesthetic

Consistent brand recognition can lead to customers taking your brand more seriously. Deepen your company’s brand with an interior logo sign to match your exterior logo signage.

Promote In-House Advertisements 

The front desk at your office, lobby, or reception hall is the perfect place to display the logo of the business. This form of interior signage helps people know that they are in the right place.

Having an interior logo sign that matches your social media accounts, business cards, and promotional flyers helps add to the value of your in-house advertisements. 

Placing internal advertisements next to your logo helps reinforce the value of all the services that you offer under one roof. Normalize vertical integration of company products by including them underneath your interior logo signage.

Promoting your business can begin before clients ever enter your doors. Is your lobby, office, or reception hall located inside of a strip center, multi-level office building, or mall? Consider investing in wayfinding interior signage.

Advertise your business in common interior areas with a new wayfinding sign featuring your brand’s logo. It’s a wonderful way to attract new prospective clients.

Help Yourself Meet ADA Guidelines

Interior signs help make your business a more inclusive environment as well. The ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, has successfully published guidelines to help protect the rights of disabled Americans.

Including plenty of informational signage throughout your business is a good way to stay up to code with ADA regulations and promote an able-bodied diverse culture.

However, there are specific guidelines for every region, so be sure to research the ADA guidelines specific to your area.

ADA-compliant interior signs can range from logo signs to restroom signs, nursing areas, and kitchen facility signage.

An Easy Way to Boost Company Morale

Show your employees that they work for a successful company. Including an interior logo sign in common areas is a great way to reinforce your company’s ideals and stature in its profession. 

Most importantly, this reminds your employees that they work for a reputable place of business that is easily recognizable by the local consumer market.

Prospective employees and interns will appreciate the fact that you take brand recognition seriously. 

Working for a well-maintained company is always a resume booster and an attractive attribute that helps your business stand out to prospective employees.

Interior Logo Signage Is Great for Your Relaunch

Last year was especially difficult for new businesses to gain traction opposed to other years. Are you considering a brand relaunch? As the world changes, now is a great time to relaunch your brand. 

If your logo needs freshening, consider making your new design official with new interior signage. Match your new logo with your interior, exterior, and ADA-compliant informational signage for a professional look.

Consistency is everything to a prospective client. Make sure your business looks the best this year with a custom interior logo sign.

Design Your Custom Sign Today

After learning all about the benefits of interior logo signage, it’s time to design your custom sign.

We will work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for! Check out our gallery of interior logo signs and request a quote from us today.


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