How to Use Office Signage to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is all about how people perceive interactions with your brand. These days, everyone seems to talk about CX in relation to the digital sphere. However, it encompasses every interaction a potential buyer has with your company. It’s just as important for people in offices as it is for people in retail or any other face-to-face interaction. Office signage is one of the best ways to ensure every client, executive, and prospect who enters your building has a smooth and pleasant experience.  

What’s the Difference Between Customer Experience and Customer Service?

Customer service is a vital part of the overall customer experience, but it’s only a small constituent. The former refers to the contact between people representing your brand and clients. The latter is an umbrella term that includes every interaction a customer has with your business. Your website, app, office, logo, blog posts, social media pages, and all communications are some of the aspects of CX.

Customer experience describes every touchpoint potential, and returning buyers have with your brand. If you conduct work from an office, no matter how large or small, you’ll need office signage solutions. Not only do they give visitors a pleasant experience of your brand because the office is easily navigatable, but they’re also a way of reaffirming your brand identity and making an impact.      

Build Positive Associations

Office signage can let people know which meeting room to use, show them the restroom, and showcase your brand’s logo at opportune moments. When it’s easy to find your building, and there are no issues following directions because of clear signage, you build a positive association with your brand. 

People are sensitive. If visitors have difficulty finding a building or locating their way around in an office, they arrive flustered and frustrated. You don’t want people’s first impression — or any impression — to involve feeling inconvenienced and stressed. Office signage helps to improve customer experience by building positive associations with your business.   

How Does Office Signage Improve Customer Experience?

Office signage does more than just make it easy to get around. However, it can be the difference between a customer thinking favorably of your business or associating it with an unpleasant experience. There’s a broad variety of ways strategically placing expertly designed, and crafted signs around your office can improve customer experience.    

Exterior Office Signage Makes Locating You Easy

It’s a time-consuming inconvenience when customers have to struggle to find your office from the outside. Most people value timekeeping, and they might be late because they can’t easily find your location. If this is the case, they’ll instantly feel uncomfortable because they’ve arrived later than anticipated. After all, there wasn’t clear external wayfinding office signage. Install this type of signage to ensure the customer experience starts on the right foot.  

Drive Footfall 

One of the most straightforward reasons well-made external office signage is a must is because it makes your business look inviting. When most people see a professionally designed and made sign, they trust that they’re about to enter a reputable establishment. Upgrading your external office signage could drive footfall because it makes an excellent impression from the outside. 

Brand Recognition

Another simple yet incredibly effective advantage of having custom-made external office signage with your logo is for brand recognition. If your emblem is displayed with basic details about the service you provide, people who walk past will start to mentally align your branding with the service you provide.

It’s essential that you display your logo prominently internally and externally — although you need to be strategic about where you place office signage. Seeing your branding posted in areas of the building that you own acts as signposts that people are in the right place and leaves an impression in their mind. 

Internal Office Signage Looks Slick and Professional 

When visitors see beautiful, prominently displayed office signage, they don’t just think of your brand as practical, but also that it’s professional. Offices should be well signposted and customized for your individual brand’s personality. There are a variety of ways to use office signage to communicate your achievements and ethos to visitors. From plaques to large-scale signs, your walls can tell clients a lot about you!  

No Expense Spared

Another perk of using office signage is the impression that you’re not cutting essential costs. Branding and making your office are imperative costs that any fellow business person will notice. Even those who aren’t experts in commercial enterprise are likely to see if your office signage is outdated or non-existent. Well-placed and well-made signs show visitors that you mean business and don’t cut corners. 

Easy to Navigate Building

Another simple yet essential function of office signage is to make it easy for visitors to move around inside the office. That way, if you ask them to come to your office on floor six and clearly see your logo on the door, they know with confidence that they’re in the right place.

You can even strategically place subtle branded signs in the elevator or up the stairs to make an impression without going over the top.  

Discover Owner-Friendly Signage

You’re required by federal law to get ADA regulatory signs for all closed-door rooms like your office suite, electrical closet, janitor’s area, and bathrooms. However, sometimes you need signage that you’re able to adapt according to internal or external changes. This is where owner-friendly signage comes in. These smart signs use inserts that attach securely into place and look brand new each time. As such, business owners can change the messages displayed on the office signage depending on the needs of the business.   

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