Branding with Architectural Signs

Your business brand drives the success of your company. Shaping your brand image, getting it in front of your customers, and using it to forge connections can all lead to better brand perception, more sales from new and returning customers, and a stronger business.

There are many ways to get your brand out there, but outdoor signs, especially architectural signs, are a very strong option. Whether you’re changing your brand, or just need it to go further, signs can help you make the impression you need to on a huge range of people. Architectural signs specifically have a large impact because they enhance the overall look of your building and are long-term investments that will continue to make an impression for years.

Discover why architectural signs are ideal for branding and which kind of signs will best reflect your brand below.

Why Choose an Architectural Sign for Branding? 

There are many advantages that architectural signs bring to your office building, storefront, or other location that can help you get your brand out there. 

  • Visibility: Architectural signs are large and make a big statement. This helps them stand out from surrounding signs and allows them to be seen from further away. Both help your branding get noticed by more people.
  • Permanence: Architectural signs are long-term investments, and they look like it too. They help build a reputation in your area, by making your brand appear permanent, stable, and worth working with or shopping with.
  • Temporary: There are some temporary architectural signs that can help you make a bigger brand impression for a short period of time. For example, outdoor banners are a great way to reinforce your branding in a new location or during a seasonal event.
  • Customizability: Architectural signs are highly versatile. They can be designed to reflect your branding exactly—which is very important when the primary purpose of the sign is to boost your brand presence. However, they can also match your landscaping, or building exterior, making your property more appealing.  
  • Branding to the outside: Signs inside of your building are important to grow your brand’s impact on existing customers. However, outdoor signs give your brand more exposure to people who have never considered your business before, and that has a huge impact on driving new customers.

Which Sign is Best for Your Brand? 

Depending on your brand image and your property, one or more of these architectural signs might work best for you. Here are a few things to consider about each: 

  • Fascia signs: This is the sign that you might first think of when you think of an architectural sign, just because signs mounted directly onto your building can obviously make an architectural impact. Every business with a physical location can benefit from a fascia sign. Lit signs can be even more compelling, helping to spread your brand image at night too.
  • Pole signs: Pole signs are tall signs that you can place right near the roadside, to make sure that your branding is seen by people driving by. They can really help you stand out in a crowded plaza. While many pole signs are plain, they can make an architectural impact too. Talk to us for customization options.
  • Monument signs: These signs are closer to the ground and look like monuments. They lend a certain air of importance or class to the grounds and to your business. They are also useful to announce your business at the roadside or send a complex message, as they have tons of room for words. Monument signs can have just as many of your branding elements as your other building signs. And, due to their placement, they can help extend the reach of your branding.
  • Banners: If you have a big change going on with your company, especially a change in branding or a grand opening, banners are great signs to enhance the look of your new building and bring attention to your brand.
  • Window signs: Window signs can also help emphasize the architecture of your building, especially if you have unique or vintage features near the window. Window signs can connect your brand with the unusual architecture you have and greet your customers before they walk in the door.

Learn More About Architectural Signs 

The specific architectural sign that is best for your purposes will depend on a few factors. Cost, design needs, building/property looks, and your brand image should all be considered in the consultation process. At Campbell Signs, we can help you pick out the right architectural sign to suit your brand.

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