How to Honor Your Donors with Donor Display Signage

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There’s a lot of work that goes into securing donors for your business: research, community engagement, relationship mapping, etc. All of these efforts help you to fund your business in an interpersonal way.

Without donors, your business wouldn’t be the same. So, it’s important that you go above and beyond when showing donors your appreciation. One of the best ways to do this is through donor display signage.

But what is donor display signage? And how will it benefit you (and your donors) in the long run? 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about honoring your donors and how to get it done with the right company!

What Is Donor Display Signage?

Donor display signage is a dedicated space for honoring donors in your building. This could be at the entrance of the business, where clients or patrons come in. Or, it could be displayed on a wall in a different location of your business.

The signage itself is a customized engraving that is both stylish yet easy to read. It comes in many styles and highlights the name and participation of your donors in a respectful manner. 

It’s essential that your donor signage is within view for your patrons. Visibility is key to making sure that your donors feel properly honored and appreciated.

Benefits of Honoring Donors

Now that you know what donor display signage is let’s discuss the benefits of honoring your donors. It will positively affect everyone involved. 

Positive Recognition

If someone chooses to fund your business, it means they care about what you do. For this, they deserve positive recognition for their actions.

Honoring your donors is a great way to say thank you. It also helps you receive positive recognition as a business too.

Having donors on display shows that you have support. In the long run, support equals credibility.

Transparency with Clients

No matter what your business is, the best way to foster a strong relationship with clients is through transparency. You can be transparent in several different ways. Displaying your donors’ names is one of them.

When you display your donors, you honor them while also giving your clients an idea of where you get your funding from. It’s a win-win.

Creates a Level of Mutual Respect

Of course, you respect your donors. They have faith in your business enough to help you get by. Honoring donors helps you pass it forward.

This shows your donors that you respect them, which helps strengthen your partnership even more. Mutual respect may foster a business relationship that goes even further in the future.

Functional Decor

Honoring your donors with display signage is a fantastic way to decorate a space. Even if you choose a more traditional style, it adds a sleek look that is also functional. 

Inspires New Potential Donors

Let’s say you’re giving a tour of the office to new potential donors. You’re telling them all about your business: what you do, how you do it, etc. Eventually, you pass the donor wall display.

Maybe you gesture to the wall and offer an anecdote about a previous donor. Maybe you don’t. Either way, your potential donor sees the display and knows that you honor your donors properly. 

If they already trust what you do, this might inspire them to donate to your business. 

Different Styles of Signage

There are so many different donor signage ideas. The styles vary from more traditional to abstract. Here’s a list of the most common styles for you to consider when choosing your donor signage. 


There are two more traditional donor styles: text and plaque. Each one offers a classic look that adequately highlights your donors.


The text style employs an individual rectangular plate for each donor. Typically, these are smaller, with the donor’s name clearly engraved into the plate. With this style, there’s usually introductory signage that says Thank You Donors! or something more specific to your business.


The plaque style offers a bigger individual display for each donor. This might include more specifics about who the donor was and what they donated to your business. 

These plaques can have wood backings or be made of glass. It all depends on the aesthetic you want for your donor wall. 


Instead of the traditional look, you might opt for something more colorful. This might include an element of the traditional style paired with colorful backings or decor that compliments the signage. 


Another common signage idea is to incorporate abstract shapes into your display. This could be done in any number of ways: circular plaques, texts in the shape of a state, etc.

Qualities to Look For in a Donor Display Company

Sometimes the hardest part about honoring your donors is finding the right company to help you. If this is the case for you, here are three important qualities to look for when choosing a donor display company.

Commitment to Customer Service

Commitment to customer service is the number one thing you want to look for in a signage company. You need to remember that customer service encapsulates several different things.

This commitment ensures that your services will be completed quickly and efficiently. If you have several donors, you want to honor them as quickly as possible so that they get the recognition they deserve.

Great customer service also offers expert advice and encourages creativity when it comes to your donor walls.

Customizable Signage

You probably have a vision for your donor signage. If this is the case, you’ll need the option for customizable signage. 

Every office space is different. A customizable service means that you can be creative while also catering to the size and shape of your business space.

Positive Customer Testimonials

The best way to ensure that a signage company is credible is to read their customer testimonials. These will illuminate the ways in which the company does well with its customers. Positive customer testimonials demonstrate that a signage company is trustworthy.

Choose Campbell’s Signs of Texas for Your Donor Signage Needs

Now that you know the importance of honoring your donors, you might be wondering if there’s a signage company that has all three of those fantastic qualities. Well, look no further. Campbell’s Signs of Texas has you covered.

We offer donor displays for all of your donor signage needs. Everything we offer is fully customizable to complement every space. 

Contact us today for a free quote. We’ll help you give your donors the appreciation they deserve!


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