The Ultimate Guide to Creating Perfect Vinyl Banners

Vinyl signs and banners are a fantastic way to capture customer attention, share a valuable message, or pique interest. However, most viewer attention for vinyl banners only lasts a few short seconds. So, the impactfulness of a sign or banner needs to hit home and hit big. 

When creating the next perfect vinyl banner for your brand, business, or event, know the most critical points to consider. Read our guide to confidently create relevant, memorable signage like a boss.

1. Location, Location, Location

Before committing to a design idea for a vinyl banner, understand how and where it will be used. You can maximize signage visibility, motivate viewers to act, and transmit a memorable message with the best location.

Display a vinyl banner indoors over the cash wrap for point-of-sale. Suspend a vinyl banner in a storefront window with clear adhesive hangers that beckons guests to enter. Or utilize an outdoor vinyl banner stand to prominently display a vinyl banner at the entrance of an event. 

2. All In The Message

Ask yourself before working with a blank vinyl banner, “What is the message?” You need to understand the hierarchy of any information presented on your vinyl banner and how your viewer is likely to respond. 

Remember to keep your message short, simple, yet powerful. The most crucial information should inform your viewer, include a memorable call to action, and pique curiosity.

Think carefully about your choice of color, size, and font for your customized banner. Review the size and composition of your sign, so the text balances any included logos, graphic designs, or pictures. Also, if you wish to create a double-sided vinyl banner, you can display multiple messages.

3. Clear, Legible Text

If viewers can’t understand what your vinyl banner is trying to say, it might be because of poor choices regarding your text. Choose legible fonts large enough to read clearly from a distance and in colors that pop out in contrast to your customizable banner’s color.

Emphasize specific information using variation in height size, kerning and leading, overall placement, and font style. Avoid fonts or text with excessive ornamentation or easily confused for other letters or imagery. Make sure to keep things balanced, clean, and visually attractive for an effective sign.

4. Brilliant Color Choices

Don’t play it safe by sticking to black or white for your vinyl sign unless you want to create a stunning monochromatic design. Make money moves and bring in more business and attention with vibrant, electric colors. Of course, you should choose a color palette that best reflects your brand and doesn’t confuse viewers.

Understand how the color choices you choose for vinyl banners, and any included text, logos, and pictures will be affected by lighting, size, proportion, and placement. Using intense contrasting colors between your banner, the background, and included design elements makes an influential impact on viewers.

5. Standout Graphics

When you create impactful vinyl banners, it’s not all about the text. Including images, logos, and eye-catching graphics helps emphasize your banner’s purpose, brand message, and call to action.

Make sure to balance your banner design when using graphics regarding placement and proportion. You don’t want to overwhelm any vital information like phone numbers, websites, addresses, or dates with mammoth-sized imagery that takes all of the attention.

6. In Or Out

One great thing about vinyl banners is their longevity and durability, especially if you opt for a reusable roll-up vinyl banner for easy storage. Vinyl is a desirable material for signage because it is typically waterproof, fade proof, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Challenge the dominance of massive billboards to funnel traffic. The perfect signage should grab attention, get your message across, and exhibit influence that leads to desired results. 

Consider whether your vinyl banner needs to have metal grommets, will be displayed with tension rods, a hanging or standing frame, or other display options. Utilize thoughtful locations inside and out to display prominent vinyl banners where your target demographic frequents, and there is plenty of foot traffic. 

7. Get Design Help

Don’t go it alone if you feel lost or indecisive about what looks best. Consider looking over templates for vinyl banners to get ideas and review your competitor’s signage. For a smooth process, seek consultation with sign design services and let skilled experts help bring your vinyl banner vision to life.


Vinyl banners are a visually powerful and effective go-to signage choice for brands, companies, and events. When you need durable signage for repeated indoor or outdoor use, budget-friendly, and grabs your attention, vinyl banners are a solid option.

Discover the wide-ranging benefits of working with a dependable, experienced company to create your next vinyl banner or other signage. Trust a company like Campbell’s Signs for decades of proven industry experience. Campbell’s Signs is always ready to manufacture quality signs and banners of all types when you need them most.


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