Vinyl signs and banners are a fantastic way to capture customer attention, share a valuable message, or pique interest. However, most viewer attention for vinyl banners only lasts a few short seconds. So, the impactfulness of a sign or banner needs to hit home and hit big. 

When creating the next perfect vinyl banner for your brand, business, or event, know the most critical points to consider. Read our guide to confidently create relevant, memorable signage like a boss.

1. Location, Location, Location

Before committing to a design idea for a vinyl banner, understand how and where it will be used. You can maximize signage visibility, motivate viewers to act, and transmit a memorable message with the best location.

Display a vinyl banner indoors over the cash wrap for point-of-sale. Suspend a vinyl banner in a storefront window with clear adhesive hangers that beckons guests to enter. Or utilize an outdoor vinyl banner stand to prominently display a vinyl banner at the entrance of an event. 

2. All In The Message

Ask yourself before working with a blank vinyl banner, “What is the message?” You need to understand the hierarchy of any information presented on your vinyl banner and how your viewer is likely to respond. 

Remember to keep your message short, simple, yet powerful. The most crucial information should inform your viewer, include a memorable call to action, and pique curiosity.

Think carefully about your choice of color, size, and font for your customized banner. Review the size and composition of your sign, so the text balances any included logos, graphic designs, or pictures. Also, if you wish to create a double-sided vinyl banner, you can display multiple messages.

3. Clear, Legible Text

If viewers can’t understand what your vinyl banner is trying to say, it might be because of poor choices regarding your text. Choose legible fonts large enough to read clearly from a distance and in colors that pop out in contrast to your customizable banner’s color.

Emphasize specific information using variation in height size, kerning and leading, overall placement, and font style. Avoid fonts or text with excessive ornamentation or easily confused for other letters or imagery. Make sure to keep things balanced, clean, and visually attractive for an effective sign.

4. Brilliant Color Choices

Don’t play it safe by sticking to black or white for your vinyl sign unless you want to create a stunning monochromatic design. Make money moves and bring in more business and attention with vibrant, electric colors. Of course, you should choose a color palette that best reflects your brand and doesn’t confuse viewers.

Understand how the color choices you choose for vinyl banners, and any included text, logos, and pictures will be affected by lighting, size, proportion, and placement. Using intense contrasting colors between your banner, the background, and included design elements makes an influential impact on viewers.

5. Standout Graphics

When you create impactful vinyl banners, it’s not all about the text. Including images, logos, and eye-catching graphics helps emphasize your banner’s purpose, brand message, and call to action.

Make sure to balance your banner design when using graphics regarding placement and proportion. You don’t want to overwhelm any vital information like phone numbers, websites, addresses, or dates with mammoth-sized imagery that takes all of the attention.

6. In Or Out

One great thing about vinyl banners is their longevity and durability, especially if you opt for a reusable roll-up vinyl banner for easy storage. Vinyl is a desirable material for signage because it is typically waterproof, fade proof, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Challenge the dominance of massive billboards to funnel traffic. The perfect signage should grab attention, get your message across, and exhibit influence that leads to desired results. 

Consider whether your vinyl banner needs to have metal grommets, will be displayed with tension rods, a hanging or standing frame, or other display options. Utilize thoughtful locations inside and out to display prominent vinyl banners where your target demographic frequents, and there is plenty of foot traffic. 

7. Get Design Help

Don’t go it alone if you feel lost or indecisive about what looks best. Consider looking over templates for vinyl banners to get ideas and review your competitor’s signage. For a smooth process, seek consultation with sign design services and let skilled experts help bring your vinyl banner vision to life.


Vinyl banners are a visually powerful and effective go-to signage choice for brands, companies, and events. When you need durable signage for repeated indoor or outdoor use, budget-friendly, and grabs your attention, vinyl banners are a solid option.

Discover the wide-ranging benefits of working with a dependable, experienced company to create your next vinyl banner or other signage. Trust a company like Campbell’s Signs for decades of proven industry experience. Campbell’s Signs is always ready to manufacture quality signs and banners of all types when you need them most.


Vinyl banners are an excellent way to advertise a live event, invite customers to a grand opening, and optimal for trade shows and retail. When you need versatile signage for indoor or outdoor use, a vinyl banner is a perfect form of mobile advertising.  Vinyl is a durable material perfect for printing attractive, travel-friendly signs that can be easily cleaned and resist the elements. Before you settle on the right company to print your vinyl banners fast, learn some helpful tips to create the perfect sign for your needs.

1. Inks & Printing

Once you’ve determined the final print design for a vinyl banner, it’s time to review your choices for inks and printing. You’ll thank yourself for printing your sign with high-quality inks that resist prolonged UV light exposure and prevent fading. 


Choose the best font type and size in vibrant, eye-catching colors to boost the visibility of your company logo, brand message, and any contact information. If you are concerned about the longevity of your vinyl sign, opt for a protective coating, especially if using digitally printed vinyl banners. 


Compared to fabric signs or banners, vinyl signs are waterproof, tear-resistant and lightweight.  A 13-ounce vinyl banner is suitable for indoors, but a more heavy-duty vinyl banner weighs 15 to 18 ounces.

2. All About Design

When using vinyl banner advertising, it has to quickly connect to a customer, make a good impression, and deliver its message successfully. The design of your vinyl banner will make or break it, so hire professional services for help with your banner design if needed.


Consider how your vinyl banner will hang and whether you will need to alter the design to accommodate wind slits, pole pockets, or Velcro. Heavy-duty banner frames are an excellent way to display signs outdoors as well as ropes if you are ordering custom vinyl banners with grommets.

3. Make An Impression

The sky’s the limit when designing a custom vinyl banner to advertise your business or event. It’s best to use sharp, contrasting colors and no more than two to three lines of text on your banner. 


Also, if you are designing a sign for outdoors, the ideal height is four feet. Indoor banners should usually have a width and height that is less than ¾ of the total space it will hang, with the average size being 30 to 36 inches.


Keep in mind how your banner design will capture attention, and that darker colored banners may need more ink, which impacts the total cost. Also, how will your banner be mounted? Will you need to use an outdoor banner holder or banner frame? Custom banners with designs on both sides are smart to promote different information and brand messages and require a suitable display.

4. Go Bulk Or Single Order

Vinyl signs are an excellent marketing investment because they are sturdy enough to be repeatedly used, stored well, and wiped clean.  Be future-proof and take advantage of a bulk order for vinyl banner designs. If you need reliable banner advertising for small business, a single order may be a great start to increase traffic and get valuable feedback for your efforts.

5. Make It Weather Tough

Don’t let the unpredictability of the weather stop you from advertising your company or event using vinyl signs for outdoor branding. Vinyl is a reliable weather-resistant material that is strong enough to handle wind, rain, and heat. 


A mesh support for a vinyl banner helps resist heavy winds or use a banner frame to keep it in place. Keep in mind, the material weight, height, and width you choose for a vinyl banner will influence how well the sign holds up over time.


Ensure that any text, logos, and other important information on your vinyl banner are large enough for readability. Opt for a protective coating to increase the longevity of your vinyl sign when hanging outdoors or for a reusable sign that lasts for years indoors. Since vinyl banners are lightweight, cost-effective, ship well, and are low-maintenance, they are a budget-friendly form of advertising.

6. Finishing Touches

Always make time to double-check your vinyl banner design for any areas that could use improvement. Will your business or event be better off with custom vinyl banners with grommets, need to fit in an outdoor banner holder, or will require pole pockets for mobile outdoor advertising? 


Think about how well your vinyl banner design works when hanging, framed, or in various sizes. Don’t skimp on paying for professional sign design and consultations to ensure you get the best results for your money.


If you wish, many companies offer a warranty for their vinyl banners and other forms of signage. Have your vinyl banner professionally installed, so it looks its best, and you can spend more time focusing on increasing exposure for your brand.


Whether you need quality vinyl banners for advertising outdoors or indoors, Campbell’s Signs is a trusted expert when you need durable, attractive signage to represent your brand or event at its very best.


Signs are a marker of your business or organization’s identity and professionalism. They also serve as a terrific way to advertise your business and its location. While exterior signage is important, interior signs are useful to your employees and customers for a multitude of reasons. Campbell’s Signs of Texas produces a wide range of custom […]

When it comes to attracting new customers to your business, first impressions are important. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your business’s appearance sends the right kind of message to potential customers. From maintaining your property to choosing an eye-catching sign, each step you take to capture your audience’s interest will pay off in the long run.

One of the most compelling ways to get people to notice your business is to invest in vinyl graphics. Computer cut graphics go the extra mile in terms of making your company stand out from the competition. Once you add vinyl graphics to your storefront or commercial vehicle, people won’t be able to look away.

Why Choose Computer Cut Vinyl Graphics?

When searching for custom vinyl graphics for your business, there are two main types of vinyl that you can choose from: die cut vinyl and computer cut vinyl. As the name implies, die cut vinyl is punched with the use of a die. Computer cut vinyl, on the other hand, must be cut with a knife blade plotter to achieve the right shape. While these two processes are distinct, they are similar in that they create the same cut-to-shape effect.

If you want to get the best results from your business’s vinyl graphics, computer cut vinyl is the most effective option. One of the biggest advantages of computer cut graphics is their cost-effectiveness. Because there’s no need to prepare the dye before you create your graphics, you have the opportunity to save valuable time and money.

Computer cut vinyl is also known for its precision. Since the vinyl is cut digitally, you can be sure that the cut will look exactly the way you envisioned it.

Benefits of Vinyl Graphics for Your Business

Investing in computer cut vinyl graphics is a decision that can pay off in big ways. Here are some of the main reasons why vinyl decals can contribute to your company’s success.

Capturing Customers’ Interest

When customers walk by your storefront, one of two things will happen: either they’ll stop to steal a glance at your captivating decals, or they’ll keep on walking without giving your business a second thought. Needless to say, you want the first scenario to take place. That’s why you need custom graphics to capture your customers’ interest from the very start.

The right graphics can even attract casual passersby as well as regular customers. This is a simple and effective way to grow your target audience and gain more loyal customers.

Building Your Brand Image

Your brand image is essential to the way others perceive your business. To ensure that you leave a strong impression on your audience, it’s well worth your time to think about how you want to portray your image. This will help you attract the right customers and boost visibility for your products or services.

Computer cut graphics can help simplify the process of building your brand image. Through attractive images and text, you can capture the essence of your business and communicate it to others in a compelling way.

Using Various Mediums

One of the best things about vinyl decals is their versatility. You can choose to place your decals on the window of your store, on the side of your commercial vehicle or even on the walls or floors of your business. Computer cut vinyl is also easy to apply, which helps you save time and energy while adding graphics to your business.

Upgrading Your Company’s Image

Every business needs to evolve in order to stay ahead of the competition. To ensure that your brand doesn’t go stale, it’s crucial to give your business a makeover every now and then. This will keep your brand fresh in the eyes of your customers and will help you keep up with the changing industry.

Because vinyl graphics are so easy to remove, you’ll have no difficulty making changes to your business’s appearance when the time comes. Whether you need to swap out your sign for a more attractive one or replace your outdated car decals with a more current design, you can do so effortlessly with computer cut graphics.

Customizing to Your Heart’s Content

There is no shortage of options when it comes to customizing your vinyl computer graphics. With such a wide array of shapes, sizes, colors, designs and fonts to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding a style that fits your specific needs. Keep in mind that the style you choose for your business’s graphics plays a central role in how others perceive your brand. That said, it’s well worth your time and effort to choose a layout that accurately reflects your business.

Enjoying Your Graphics for Years to Come

Not only are vinyl decals easy to apply to any surface, but they also last for years once you place them on your windows, walls or vehicle. The durability of computer cut vinyl graphics makes them one of the most reliable options for decorating your business. You don’t have to worry about the vinyl peeling off or becoming chipped and faded as time goes by. Computer cut graphics are designed to maintain their original quality even for years on end.

Boost Your Business’s Success With Vinyl Graphics

Don’t underestimate the power of the right graphics to enhance your brand and grow your target audience. When searching for the best graphics for your business, consider the numerous pros of using computer cut vinyl graphics. These high-tech graphics can effortlessly transform your storefront, floors, walls or commercial vehicle into a compelling display that catches any viewer’s eye. Once you find the right theme and design to represent your company, you can use vinyl graphics to bring your brand to life and give people a reason to start paying attention.


Are you looking for ways to direct your target market to your company and your products? Do you wonder if there’s a way to get a higher ROI on the signage that you purchase? If so, then you need to invest in vinyl banners for your company.

Doing so can help you enjoy a plethora of benefits. Instead of purchasing signage that only last a few weeks, you’ll have signage that can last for months (if not years) after you purchase it.

See below for all of the benefits of custom vinyl banners and how they can give your business signage a boost.

1. Durability

Vinyl is one of the most durable materials out there. It’s used as siding for houses, flooring, window frames, wall coverings, records, insulation for electrical wiring, and so much more.

Despite its durability, it’s cost-efficient and easy to manipulate into whatever shape or color that you want. Better yet, it’s built to last through the elements, so it’s a perfect material for outdoor signage.

No matter what use you have for it, it’s guaranteed to stand the test of time. The images you use are infused into the vinyl, meaning it won’t wash off or stain when hit with water.

Thanks to their durability, they can be used for all kinds of signage in your marketing efforts. They can be used for things such as:

  • Window Graphics
  • Door Graphics
  • Window and Door Coverings
  • Indoor Mapping (which points the customer to different departments, companies, etc. that are in your building)
  • Signs for Sales Expos
  • Networking Signage
  • Table Signage for Outdoor Events
  • Signage to be Placed Near the Road

The list goes on and on. If you require custom vinyl banners, be sure to reach out to Campbell’s Signs of Texas. We custom print all of our banners and ensure they meet your exact specifications.

2. Aesthetic

Have you ever seen a company banner that looked to be worse for the wear? Odds are that—after seeing that run down sign—you thought less of the company that it belonged to.

That’s the power of influence that vinyl banners have. If your signage looks high-quality, then it provides a great first impression for your company. If it’s in bad shape, then it hinders your brand image.

Vinyl banners offer a beautiful aesthetic to any sign you’re looking to create. There’s no limit to the colors or images that you can place on them. We can match colors exactly and print photographic quality to help match the banner with your business. The printing quality is fantastic and the vinyl banner will ensure it lasts for your needs.

Some sign materials make it difficult to capture the true color combination that you’re looking for. The vinyl material mixed with our high-quality printing machines will ensure that you get the exact shade of color you’re looking for. 

We can also provide either taped or sewn hems with grommets if need be. These vinyl banners can withstand the intense Texas heat, keeping their youth for many years to come. Pay for them once and use them countless times for your business.

3. Cost-Efficiency

Most business owners spend money on signage without giving it a second thought. If they did, they’d realize how much cash that they’re burning through with the banners that they purchase.

Some banners lack premium quality. They don’t hold up well in the Texas sun and, after only a few days, look like they’ve been outside for years. This sends the business owner back to the store to print out more signage.

With vinyl banners, you’ll get a higher return on your investment. Our banners are made to withstand the heat, meaning they’ll keep their youthful glow for several months/years afterward. 

Which makes more fiscal sense? Spending money on a sign that won’t last longer than a few weeks or spending the same amount on a sign that will last for far longer? 

4. Appropriate for Many Settings

Signage can be a fickle beast. You purchase a sign in a certain material for an indoor event, then realize it won’t hold up well for outdoor events. This sends you running back to the store to get another one created.

Vinyl banners are appropriate for almost any event or occasion. You can use them at sales expos (indoor or outdoor), networking events, place them outside your business, underneath sales tents, during outdoor festivals, and so much more.

Pay for a vinyl banner once, and you’ve got a sign that can be used for any event you go to. If it gets a little dirty at one event, you can wash it with warm water and it will look good as new!

5. Eco-Friendly

The amount of signage that businesses burn through is alarming. They use many different materials and then dispose of them incorrectly. 

Vinyl banners are entirely eco-friendly. First off, they can be used for several different things (as mentioned above), so you won’t need to purchase as much signage.

Second, plastic vinyl is recyclable. So after you’ve gotten several months out of your vinyl banner, you simply dispose of it in the recycle bin. It will be melted and reused for something else down the line.

Invest in Vinyl Banners for Your Business Today

Now that you have seen several amazing benefits of vinyl banners for your business and events, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how to improve your business with attractive interior signage. It’s an important piece of the marketing puzzle.

For more inquiries that you may have, be sure to reach out to us via our contact us page and we will be glad to assist you further.

Are you looking for ways to boost your company’s presence in its physical location? You might be trying to make it stand out at your corporate building. Maybe you are looking for ways to draw people to your store within a mall.

Whatever the case might be, there’s a type of custom sign for every need! The only dilemma is identifying which of the custom signs is best for what you need.

By merely learning about the different signs, you can figure out which signs will help you achieve your goals. Here is an overview of custom signs that might be the best fit for you.

1. Exterior Building Signs

There are many reasons why you might need an exterior building sign. You might be placing it on the outside of your company building. 

No matter the type of signs you need they all have a standard that they need to meet. They need to be durable to the outdoor elements and comply with several regulations.

Be sure to line yourself up with a custom signs company that can meet those requirements and exceed your expectations!

2. Interior & Exterior Office/Wayfinding Signs 

One of the biggest needs that you’ll have with your company’s interior & exterior signage is wayfinding signs. These are the signs that let employees and clients know exactly where they need to go. They enhance the in-office customer experience.

For example, if a client is looking for the customer service department, they can find it easily using the signage you have throughout the building. It serves as an arrow in what would otherwise seem like a maze to them.

Requiring an interesting balance between setting a system and drawing people in to learn more. Campbell’s Signs of Texas will be happy to help you find that balance with all your interior wayfinding signage needs!

3. Interior & Exterior Logos 

Have you ever walked into a corporate building and wondered if you were in the right place? That will never be an issue at your company if you invest in interior logos.

These logos can greet your customers at the door, giving them the first impression of what it will be like to work with your company. You can use different materials to control the impression that your customers make whenever they first walk in.

For example, placing an interior logo made out of metal or stainless steel behind your front desk can give off a classy or industrial vibe. It’s sure to make their jaws drop to the floor!

You can make an interior logo sign that matches the font and design of your logo perfectly. That way, there’s never a doubt that your client is in the right building/floor.

No matter whether you’re looking to emulate your company’s logo or letterform, Campbell’s Signs of Texas can help you match it. Better yet, you can have them customized to fit a wall, above a doorway, or anything in between!

4. Vinyl Graphics

Of course, your company’s layout isn’t complete without vinyl graphics applied on the glass throughout your office’s interior and exterior. The design can be made to fit any idea you have, thus propelling your company’s brand throughout the workplace.

They can be placed on your company’s doors, wrapped on your company vehicles, or placed on the inside or outside (or both) of your building’s windows. Whatever need you have can be exceeded with vinyl graphics.

These graphics go a long way towards establishing the tone of your office. Whether it’s a fun, Google-campus-style vibe or a hardworking industrial tone, the graphics will help you match it!

5. Banners

Banners are one of the most important sign types for your company. They can be used to market your brand anywhere and everywhere.

You can place them on the side of buildings, use them as the background at your sales table for conventions, or even hang them from the rafters of your office. The sky is the limit, and you’ll find hundreds of uses for each one that you make.

The only problem is finding banners that can withstand the brutal elements of the great state of Texas. make sure you only invest in those made of the finest materials to give your brand a consistently fresh impression!

6. Room Naming/Area Naming/Donor Displays

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you might need individual signage to name your rooms. 

It might be something as simple as creating a classy looking “conference room” signs, but some are more crucial. You might want to show gratitude to your donors with a “corporate partners” wall that lists all the essential partners your company has.

Perhaps you’re a school that wants to create a “wall of fame” for all of the most prized athletes in your programs’ history. 

No matter the reasoning, they should be commemorated in the finest materials, with many different options for you to choose from.

Invest in the Custom Signs That You Need

There are some custom signs on this list that your company desperately needs, while others might not apply to it. Be sure to do business with a signage company that will take your projects to heart.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the many different uses of wayfinding signs for your business.

For any other information that you might need, be sure to contact us for more inquiries.