For a sign to be effective and transmit the desired impression and information to viewers, you’ll want to utilize specific sign design tips. Because signage visually represents a company and its message, it is critical to make intelligent decisions about presenting any included logo and designs. Read on to discover essential points for effective modern signage design before letting your signage team take the reigns.

1. Clean Legible Lettering

Any lettering used for signage will either help or hurt a brand and its image. If lettering is too fancy, complicated to read, or is confusing, viewer’s will end up more frustrated or laughing about a failed sign. Make sure to leave enough whitespace for text too.

2. Balanced Composition & Layout

When making business signage, it is crucial to narrow down the information presented. A sign design that is crowded or junky looking because of a poor mashup of text, graphics, and other elements will lead to disgruntled, unhappy viewers. 

When in doubt, keep things clean and straightforward. Be open to sign design tips that are balanced and well-composed. Focus on showcasing the most critical information to transmit your brand’s message to potential customers.

3. Prominent Logo Position

You may think everyone is already familiar with your company and logo signs and names, but you can never advertise your brand enough. A logo is a powerful visual symbol representing your company, its values, and the overall message. 

Make your logo design a reasonable size for increased visibility and that it isn’t overwhelming or underwhelming your overall sign design. The logo should be a prominent feature but not in competition with accompanying text or graphics.

4. Proportion & Placement

If you are stumped for outdoor signage ideas, don’t play it safe and create a visually dull sign. Embrace proportion and scale for text, images, graphics, and other visual elements. 

Play around with the placement to end up with a sign with plenty of visual interest, is not confusing, and is highly effective. A sign with a good layout should not have elements in competition with one another but be complementary.

5. Take Advantage Of Colors

Color is a highly effective sign design tool, so using high contrast, vivid shades, or even sticking to a monochrome palette makes a compelling visual impact. Make sure all colors are harmonious, balanced, and accurately represent your brand. The wrong color choices can turn off customers and lead to confusion about the nature and values of your business.

6. Go The Distance

Think about the presentation of your signage for business and if it will be viewed from far away or up close. An effective sign should utilize the elements of proportion, contrast, balance, and color for optimal readability from far away if a billboard. 

Smaller signs should reflect the most critical elements and be visually compelling and legible. Don’t forget how a sign’s shape, material, and overall style impact a brand’s identity and reception.

7. Multiple Mockups

Don’t get comfortable settling on one final sign design. Adjustments may be needed along the design process with your signage team. Be open to having anywhere from three to ten mockups before settling on a final version for release. 

8. Don’t Skimp On Quality

If you are excited about using photos or graphics for your contemporary signage design, make sure it is the highest quality possible for printing. Don’t be cheap about your choice of metal, vinyl, foam, wood, glass to render your sign. Work with your budget and choose the best type of signage to share your logo and brand symbol with the world.

9. Know Your Purpose

If you are unsure about what your sign is trying to accomplish or you are only focused on expanding your customer reach, your sign design could end up falling short of success.

Think about your sign’s location, demographic target, and how you want your signage to represent your brand and business goals. Choices for fonts, size, color, and layout choices can make your brand appear more serious, humorous or give customers an unintended impression. Be careful.

10. Bring On The Action

Even after looking over a sign for a business or brand for a few seconds or longer, a viewer should come away with a specific call to action. Make potential customers and onlookers want more.

Great signage for business should cause a desire to learn in-depth information about your brand, purchase your goods or services, or talk more about your company. An effective sign should always incite potential customers to the brand’s benefit.


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Signs are a marker of your business or organization’s identity and professionalism. They also serve as a terrific way to advertise your business and its location. While exterior signage is important, interior signs are useful to your employees and customers for a multitude of reasons. Campbell’s Signs of Texas produces a wide range of custom […]

Are you looking for ways to boost your company’s presence in its physical location? You might be trying to make it stand out at your corporate building. Maybe you are looking for ways to draw people to your store within a mall.

Whatever the case might be, there’s a type of custom sign for every need! The only dilemma is identifying which of the custom signs is best for what you need.

By merely learning about the different signs, you can figure out which signs will help you achieve your goals. Here is an overview of custom signs that might be the best fit for you.

1. Exterior Building Signs

There are many reasons why you might need an exterior building sign. You might be placing it on the outside of your company building. 

No matter the type of signs you need they all have a standard that they need to meet. They need to be durable to the outdoor elements and comply with several regulations.

Be sure to line yourself up with a custom signs company that can meet those requirements and exceed your expectations!

2. Interior & Exterior Office/Wayfinding Signs 

One of the biggest needs that you’ll have with your company’s interior & exterior signage is wayfinding signs. These are the signs that let employees and clients know exactly where they need to go. They enhance the in-office customer experience.

For example, if a client is looking for the customer service department, they can find it easily using the signage you have throughout the building. It serves as an arrow in what would otherwise seem like a maze to them.

Requiring an interesting balance between setting a system and drawing people in to learn more. Campbell’s Signs of Texas will be happy to help you find that balance with all your interior wayfinding signage needs!

3. Interior & Exterior Logos 

Have you ever walked into a corporate building and wondered if you were in the right place? That will never be an issue at your company if you invest in interior logos.

These logos can greet your customers at the door, giving them the first impression of what it will be like to work with your company. You can use different materials to control the impression that your customers make whenever they first walk in.

For example, placing an interior logo made out of metal or stainless steel behind your front desk can give off a classy or industrial vibe. It’s sure to make their jaws drop to the floor!

You can make an interior logo sign that matches the font and design of your logo perfectly. That way, there’s never a doubt that your client is in the right building/floor.

No matter whether you’re looking to emulate your company’s logo or letterform, Campbell’s Signs of Texas can help you match it. Better yet, you can have them customized to fit a wall, above a doorway, or anything in between!

4. Vinyl Graphics

Of course, your company’s layout isn’t complete without vinyl graphics applied on the glass throughout your office’s interior and exterior. The design can be made to fit any idea you have, thus propelling your company’s brand throughout the workplace.

They can be placed on your company’s doors, wrapped on your company vehicles, or placed on the inside or outside (or both) of your building’s windows. Whatever need you have can be exceeded with vinyl graphics.

These graphics go a long way towards establishing the tone of your office. Whether it’s a fun, Google-campus-style vibe or a hardworking industrial tone, the graphics will help you match it!

5. Banners

Banners are one of the most important sign types for your company. They can be used to market your brand anywhere and everywhere.

You can place them on the side of buildings, use them as the background at your sales table for conventions, or even hang them from the rafters of your office. The sky is the limit, and you’ll find hundreds of uses for each one that you make.

The only problem is finding banners that can withstand the brutal elements of the great state of Texas. make sure you only invest in those made of the finest materials to give your brand a consistently fresh impression!

6. Room Naming/Area Naming/Donor Displays

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you might need individual signage to name your rooms. 

It might be something as simple as creating a classy looking “conference room” signs, but some are more crucial. You might want to show gratitude to your donors with a “corporate partners” wall that lists all the essential partners your company has.

Perhaps you’re a school that wants to create a “wall of fame” for all of the most prized athletes in your programs’ history. 

No matter the reasoning, they should be commemorated in the finest materials, with many different options for you to choose from.

Invest in the Custom Signs That You Need

There are some custom signs on this list that your company desperately needs, while others might not apply to it. Be sure to do business with a signage company that will take your projects to heart.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the many different uses of wayfinding signs for your business.

For any other information that you might need, be sure to contact us for more inquiries.