It only takes a few short seconds to get an impression of a company and its culture. The indoor signage in a lobby should quickly convey a firm’s brand identity, values, and attitudes. It is critical to utilize the elements of design, size, color, and balance to best represent a business and affirm the corporate culture.

If your sign is a turn off to potential clients or employees, it’s time to conduct an assessment. The correct lobby display and signage accurately represent an organization’s culture, welcomes guests, and displays a business in the best light. Learn more about the nuances of indoor signage meaning and common attributes.

1. Illuminated & Backlit 

Show the world that you are not afraid of going the extra mile to capture attention with the power of light. Illuminated and backlit signs give off a vibe that a company is bright, full of ideas, and doesn’t mind being showy about itself. Neon signage, dimensional letters with LED backlighting, and illuminated plastic signage in a display draws viewers in and gets them talking.

2. Projected Signs

Think future-forward and use projected signs on unconventional spaces in a lobby to grab attention. Utilize the floor, ceiling, front desk, or other areas of a company’s office to welcome and intrigue guests. Using this type of signage shows that a company has a flair for artistic and non-traditional approaches to share its brand and culture with others. Using a blend of traditional and non-traditional signage presents a company as interesting, future-proof, and worth learning about who they are and what they do.

3. Panel Signs

If a company chooses to rely on panel signs for the lobby, it is a familiar standby option. Firms may like using panel signs because there is room for customization, as these signs can be created using foam, metal, or even waterproof materials. You can get panel signage in various shapes, sizes, colors and make a bold statement. Panel signs offer a sense of comfort, trust, and that your brand is conventional and stays in its lane.

4. Printed Vinyl

When you need an inexpensive, versatile sign option, printed vinyl is your best bet. Go large with a mural size sign or utilize poster-style signage to share snapshots of your business. Showcase impressive case studies, show the company in action, and create a story for lobby guests to follow and muse over while they wait. Another option with printed vinyl is the tried-and-true stick-on lettering, which allows you to keep things clean and straightforward.

5. 3D Lettering

Emphasize what your company values most with dimensional 3D signs. Choose dimensional signage for a simple corporate logo sign using acrylic, foam or other materials. Be bold and say it with letters that come away from the wall, and emphasize your statement with backlighting. 3D lettering is an excellent way to make a big impression with viewers depending on the font and size of lettering used.

6. Engraved Signage

Keep it classy with glass, or show that your company is more laidback with metal or wood-engraved signage. Etching is a classic way to style lobby signs for office spaces, add flourishes, and show a commitment to detail, finery, and the highbrow. When you need a sign that can display a lot of detail, from ornate logos to renditions of real-life people or places, etching is the way to go.

7. Floor Signs 

Think out of the box and move away from showing off your company and brand’s message on walls. Floor signage allows a company to inject humor, show a more unconventional nature, and even utilize navigation for anyone interacting with them. Printed vinyl floor signs that can be peeled and placed wherever needed let your lobby signage maintain some flexibility.

8. Digital Signs

As the world continues to broaden its interconnectedness with the internet and digital devices, it makes sense for signs to evolve. Interactive digital signs that change the display at timed intervals respond to motion or voice or show a reel of snippets to keep viewers engaged. When a firm decides to use digital signs, they show that they are in touch with new trends and open to technology’s integration with their business and brand.


Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to creating dynamic indoor signage for your company’s lobby. As soon as a client or potential employee walks in, all reception signage and lobby signs will be reviewed to predict the company’s culture and values. 

Make the right impression with visually stunning signage, and don’t send the wrong signal about your company’s culture. Call on Campbell’s Signs to produce high-quality signs for indoor, exterior, and other business-related uses.


Signs are a marker of your business or organization’s identity and professionalism. They also serve as a terrific way to advertise your business and its location. While exterior signage is important, interior signs are useful to your employees and customers for a multitude of reasons. Campbell’s Signs of Texas produces a wide range of custom […]

Placing interior signs around your business place helps customers get around quickly. Easy to read signage makes your customers feel comfortable finding their way while increasing their satisfaction level with your services. Making your clients happy improves your reputation as a reliable business, and it shows you care when you show the way using clear display signs. 

Use Interior Signs to Increase Your Professional Image

 People place great emphasis on appearance, and using interior signs visually demonstrates your dedication to excellence. When your customers arrive at your business, they’ll judge your trustworthiness based on how attractive it looks. Customers trust services from companies that: 

  • Use professional signs.
  • Look attractive and modern.
  • Keep the premises neat and orderly.
  • Show their dedication to customer satisfaction.

It takes seconds for customers to make a first impression of your business. You want to make a lasting impression with your customers so that you can reap the benefits of serving repeat clientele. 

How to Create Stellar Interior Signage

 There are a few key elements that go into making excellent interior signs. Carefully combined visual elements ensure your interior signage communicates well with your customers. The main details in a well-designed sign include:

  • Contrast: Your message should clearly contrast with the background of the sign. 
  • Spacing: The lettering and graphics need proper spacing between the edges of the sign and between each other for best readability.  
  • Font: The font size and type need to be legible. Classic fonts are the easiest to read. The negative space around the letters should be even for optimal visibility. 
  • Logos: The logo communicates who you are as a brand, and it should be easy to see.  
  • Size: Choose the appropriate size sign for its location. Too big will be overpowering, and too small won’t have an impact.

Investing the time and money into visually appealing interior signs only makes sense when you’re mindful of the essential elements. Professional sign-making companies help you customize and personalize your graphics. They’ll help you bring your ideas to life to display at your place of business proudly.

Interior Signs That Comply With the Americans With Disabilities Act

It’s part of ethical business practices to cater to customers with visual impairments. The United States Department of Justice requires all businesses to adhere to the ADA specifications. The interior signs that need to be ADA compliant include: 

  • Signs to identify permanent rooms.
  • Some Safety signs.
  • Signs for elevators, stairwells and emergency exits.

The interior building signs must include mandatory features to be fully compliant with ADA regulations. Each part plays a vital role in displaying information to make your business more accessible. The main features of an ADA compliant sign are:

  • Braille: a writing system made up of raised dots used by people who are blind.
  • Raised characters: must be 1/32-inch (0.8 mm) minimum.
  • Non-glare: best choices are a matte or eggshell finish.
  • High contrast: displays the location and the purpose of the room, so it’s easier to read.
  • Proper placement: installation at the appropriate height and location next to the room allows for easy identification.

Your business relies on serving your customers with excellence, so the addition of well-designed interior signs enhances your credibility. Following the proper procedures for creating and placing ADA interior signs give your workplace a trustworthy appeal.

Making your location accessible to all makes it easier to do business. More importantly, ADA signs make your guests feel welcome and appreciated. When customers feel valued, it increases their engagement and contentment with your company.

How Interior Logos Demonstrate Your Dedication to Professionalism

When a business displays an interior sign with a logo, it shows confidence and your brand’s authority. Using various materials in your design helps you stand out from your competitors by creating a unique and visually attractive representation of your organization. Letters of your business and symbols should be installed professionally for maximum impact.

Installing a logo sign boosts the morale of employees, creating a more efficient workforce. If your teammates are happy, they’ll demonstrate your workplace morale to customers. A professional sign-making company can replicate the same fonts and graphics as your logo. 

The Necessary Types of Interior Signs

People feel safe and comfortable inside a building that has professionally designed and installed interior signage. With the help of the right interior signage, your clients can quickly navigate around your premises to get the services they need from you. The standard interior signs deemed necessary include: 

  • Washrooms
  • Fire extinguisher location
  • Entrance and exits
  • Business name
  • Directional
  • Informational

Let the experts do the hard work for you by implementing a branded and cohesive look to your interior signs. With your input, they’ll create the perfect visuals you need to meet regulations and help your business thrive. 

Keep Your Customers Engaged Using Interior Signs

Picture yourself walking through a building and how you feel as you find your way with the help of interior signs. Understanding the client experience will help you create the perfect navigational and informational signage system. Customers appreciate being catered to, and using interior signage keeps them engaged with your business.

When your business adds elements of graphic design to add to the décor of the building, customers perceive you as being knowledgeable, dedicated to excellence, and reliable. The character of your company relies on its appearance, so it’s best to opt for signage that best reflects your brand’s values. 

Display Your Business Savvy to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Positive customer reviews are more important than ever before for maintaining and growing a successful business. When a customer respects your interior signage as a symbol of your dedication to quality, they will let others know either by word of mouth or online. Campbell’s Signs of Texas has all the right tools and services to help you create memorable interior signs that reflect your brand’s will to succeed.