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Understanding your customers and how to best grab their attention is critical when you need to funnel traffic toward a big event or sale. Utilizing a mix of different sale signage ideas improves the odds of success and markets your brand. 

The best event signage ideas should target your demographic with eye-catching graphics, bold colors, and a clear message that motivates viewers to take action. Read on to learn about fantastic sale signage that wows the crowd.

1. Walk This Way

It is crucial to place event signage where potential customers are walking. As people make their way past venues, retail stores, and other businesses, one of the simplest and effective ways to reach customers is with sidewalk signage. Use messages that pique customer interest without confusion. Rely on sharp, readable text, brilliant colors, and stylistic graphics with directional signs beckoning customers to enter.

Also known as an A-frame, sidewalk signs allow businesses and events to advertise on two sides. Chalkboard signs, metal signs, and painted wood signs propped outside a storefront are the perfect chance to grab customers’ attention and alert them to upcoming events and sales. Rethink venue signage and small sale signs with a sidewalk sign.

2. Mad About Banners

Banners are a fantastic signage idea that works well when suspended from ceilings, hung in windows, or even displayed in freestanding outdoor event signs. Many businesses and events love banners because they are durable enough to weather the elements, can be reused for a long time, and are cost-effective.

Promote concerts, buffets, grand openings, and recurring sales using banners on fences, near expressways, or at the entrance of commercial strips. Banners are an excellent promotional tool that works well for outdoor events and indoors.

3. Looking Down

The floor is prime real estate for advertising and marketing a brand, expanding customer reach, and netting future sales. Consider sharp floor graphics to capture attention from passersby. 

Floor signs can be as clever as wraps on stairs, stenciled onto the sidewalk, or removable vinyl event signage. Use floor signs as a wayfinder to direct customer traffic to your event or focus solely on informing your target demographic with critical details about your event or sale.

4. Window Showstopper

People love window displays. A large window or two is the perfect place to hang up small sale signs in the form of window clings, floating banners, or beautifully rendered wooden or metal signs.

Consider hanging backlit or fully lit reusable event signage or directional signs to draw customers inside your event. Don’t forget to use clever sale signage placed near an open door or window inside a standing sign display too.

5. Lead Them In

After capturing a potential customer’s attention about your event, you have to help usher them in your doors. Don’t forget the importance of installing easy-to-read, clear wayfinding signs or directional signs. 

Make a trail from the parking lot to your store with event signage on the ground, hang eye-level banners and flags near street parking, or place sale signage outside the entrance.

6. Inflated Proportions

Bring out the kid in everyone with quirky, inflatable sale signage with a strong call to action. Inflatable characters waving about instantly grab attention, and any text on outdoor inflatable signs front or back should be visible from hundreds of feet away. 

Inflatable signs are an excellent method to attract crowds to concerts, fairs, theater events, restaurant openings, and other businesses. Use inflated signs for sales and ongoing events in parking lots, near highways, and busy intersections with plenty of traffic.

7. Wave A Flag

Give your event or sale the attention it deserves with a mix of small and large flags. Advertise to large crowds outdoors with vinyl flags or hang small flags inside stores at critical locations for point of sale signage. Flags are an effective form of signage that can be displayed in yards, indoors, outdoors and are often reusable if vinyl, canvas, or another durable material.


When it comes to advertising a big event or sale, you can’t go wrong with using a combination of different signage ideas to capture attention and customers. Using indoor and outdoor event signs at key locations where your demographic is present can expand a brand’s message, increase profitability, and lead to success.

Invest in your brand, increase customer reach, and make a lasting impression with signage ideas that are effective and visually interesting. Whether you need permanent or temporary signage for your next major sale or event, put your trust in experts with decades of experience and quality craftsmanship. Call Campbell’s Signs to create signage of all types for your brand or business.