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Vinyl banners are an excellent way to advertise a live event, invite customers to a grand opening, and optimal for trade shows and retail. When you need versatile signage for indoor or outdoor use, a vinyl banner is a perfect form of mobile advertising.  Vinyl is a durable material perfect for printing attractive, travel-friendly signs that can be easily cleaned and resist the elements. Before you settle on the right company to print your vinyl banners fast, learn some helpful tips to create the perfect sign for your needs.

1. Inks & Printing

Once you’ve determined the final print design for a vinyl banner, it’s time to review your choices for inks and printing. You’ll thank yourself for printing your sign with high-quality inks that resist prolonged UV light exposure and prevent fading. 


Choose the best font type and size in vibrant, eye-catching colors to boost the visibility of your company logo, brand message, and any contact information. If you are concerned about the longevity of your vinyl sign, opt for a protective coating, especially if using digitally printed vinyl banners. 


Compared to fabric signs or banners, vinyl signs are waterproof, tear-resistant and lightweight.  A 13-ounce vinyl banner is suitable for indoors, but a more heavy-duty vinyl banner weighs 15 to 18 ounces.

2. All About Design

When using vinyl banner advertising, it has to quickly connect to a customer, make a good impression, and deliver its message successfully. The design of your vinyl banner will make or break it, so hire professional services for help with your banner design if needed.


Consider how your vinyl banner will hang and whether you will need to alter the design to accommodate wind slits, pole pockets, or Velcro. Heavy-duty banner frames are an excellent way to display signs outdoors as well as ropes if you are ordering custom vinyl banners with grommets.

3. Make An Impression

The sky’s the limit when designing a custom vinyl banner to advertise your business or event. It’s best to use sharp, contrasting colors and no more than two to three lines of text on your banner. 


Also, if you are designing a sign for outdoors, the ideal height is four feet. Indoor banners should usually have a width and height that is less than ¾ of the total space it will hang, with the average size being 30 to 36 inches.


Keep in mind how your banner design will capture attention, and that darker colored banners may need more ink, which impacts the total cost. Also, how will your banner be mounted? Will you need to use an outdoor banner holder or banner frame? Custom banners with designs on both sides are smart to promote different information and brand messages and require a suitable display.

4. Go Bulk Or Single Order

Vinyl signs are an excellent marketing investment because they are sturdy enough to be repeatedly used, stored well, and wiped clean.  Be future-proof and take advantage of a bulk order for vinyl banner designs. If you need reliable banner advertising for small business, a single order may be a great start to increase traffic and get valuable feedback for your efforts.

5. Make It Weather Tough

Don’t let the unpredictability of the weather stop you from advertising your company or event using vinyl signs for outdoor branding. Vinyl is a reliable weather-resistant material that is strong enough to handle wind, rain, and heat. 


A mesh support for a vinyl banner helps resist heavy winds or use a banner frame to keep it in place. Keep in mind, the material weight, height, and width you choose for a vinyl banner will influence how well the sign holds up over time.


Ensure that any text, logos, and other important information on your vinyl banner are large enough for readability. Opt for a protective coating to increase the longevity of your vinyl sign when hanging outdoors or for a reusable sign that lasts for years indoors. Since vinyl banners are lightweight, cost-effective, ship well, and are low-maintenance, they are a budget-friendly form of advertising.

6. Finishing Touches

Always make time to double-check your vinyl banner design for any areas that could use improvement. Will your business or event be better off with custom vinyl banners with grommets, need to fit in an outdoor banner holder, or will require pole pockets for mobile outdoor advertising? 


Think about how well your vinyl banner design works when hanging, framed, or in various sizes. Don’t skimp on paying for professional sign design and consultations to ensure you get the best results for your money.


If you wish, many companies offer a warranty for their vinyl banners and other forms of signage. Have your vinyl banner professionally installed, so it looks its best, and you can spend more time focusing on increasing exposure for your brand.


Whether you need quality vinyl banners for advertising outdoors or indoors, Campbell’s Signs is a trusted expert when you need durable, attractive signage to represent your brand or event at its very best.


The elements of great design are the foundation of architectural signage. Appropriate colors, typography, the overall style and shape of the sign, location, and other details display the power of innovation when you need to capture viewer attention. Architectural signage doesn’t stop after delivering its intended message; it exists as a lasting medium that could be applied for centuries without reduced interest and relevance. 

1. 3-D Printing Applied

The increasing use of 3D printing for industry, housing, and signs offer a wide range of possibilities for various sectors in society. Compared to traditional sign printing, using 3D printed signs are hardy enough to withstand the elements and are an inexpensive way to advertise, brand identification, company signs, and more. Discover a way to add some visual punch beyond peelable vinyl lettering on signs and step into the third dimension.

2. Outdoor Mediums Elevated

Move beyond traditional metal signs, custom banners, and other types of traditional signage. Upgrade established outdoor spaces to act as the canvas for your company’s message. Consider digitally projecting lettering, icons, and additional brand information in light or traditional paint on walkways, stairs, building exteriors, or even the sky. The only limit is your imagination when creating such a unique style of signage.

3. Reliance On Sustainable Materials

As consumers demand more transparency from companies and the products and services they offer, utilizing sustainable materials to create company signage and banners is forward-thinking, high-design, and responsible. 

Make a bold design move and use sustainable, eco-friendly materials for customized outdoor signs and custom banners—benefit from creating an eye-catching form of architectural signage that minimizes waste and is unforgettable.

4. A Strong Sense Of Personality

Successful signs interact with the viewer, so they should focus on showing off the personality of the business, brand, or company they represent. The playful arrangement of lettering, color, and lighting creates a stunning design that flows. 

Don’t forget how the shape and style of the sign fit the exterior or interior in which it is placed. Personalized bar signs and custom street signs present an opportunity to promote individuality.

5. Power Of Touch Screen

Imagine interacting with digital wayfinding signs on metros, airports, or malls that know exactly when to offer customers the correct information, product menu, or service. Thanks to the power of cloud computing, Internet connectivity, digital LED lighting, and AI, signs have futuristic options. Take advantage of developing state-of-the-art custom light up signs or signs for business that are intriguing, never static, and beautiful to behold.

6. Go Monochrome

Monochrome signs that rely on black, white, and shades of gray offer timeless, sophisticated beauty. Use monochromatic signs for business, companies, and street locations. 

Utilize the visual power that minimalistic, sharp lettering against a contrasting background holds over a viewer. Go bold with your fonts, add signature ornamentation, and put your brand in the best light using a monochrome palette for metal custom signs, banners, and other styles.

7. Bold Lights And Metals

Capture the imagination and get people to stop in their tracks with wayfinding signs or signage and banners using durable, weather-resistant metal, plastic, or modern materials. Incorporate LED lights to light up company logos, brighten signage, and create visual interest. 

High definition displays are a trending look that allows for the execution of memorable, chic architectural signage. Don’t skip out on including automated dimming for modern signs for businesses or customized outdoor signs.

8. Minimalism

Interior and exterior signage and banners benefit from using a minimalist approach. Say less with more and create a more robust, lasting design naturally steeped in architectural ideas. Use type in a limited palette, stick to one font and focus on creating a visual impact on signage and banners for office spaces, restaurants, or other industry services.

9. Live Streaming

Thanks to the power of technology, you no longer have to rely on traditional static signs that are printed, painted, or require peelable vinyl lettering. Embrace the digital world and utilize LED lighting, Internet connectivity, and design for highly interactive, electric, and arresting signs. Broadcast live events on customized outdoor signs, street signs, or company signs.

10. Trigger Based Signage

It may feel like a page out of a sci-fi novel or film, but trigger-based signage that can recognize customers, change information based on the time of day, or other criteria are here to stay. Inform with high-definition digital street signs, wayfinding signs, or custom light up signs for businesses.


Interior and exterior signs that display architectural elements are steeped in a foundation of solid design, expert use of color, space, formatting, type, and style. Whether a sign is designed for a company, street, or brand identification, it needs to clearly display information in a relevant, eye-catching way that is legible, creative, and dynamic. Emphasis on good, clean, inimitable design and presentation is everything. Check out Campbell’s Signs for your next custom design or banner, and trust your project in the hands of dedicated experts.